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Sometimes you have a bunch of ideas swirling around but the document in front of you stays blank. You want to speak to your audience but you don't know how to connect with them.

I can help!
I can write for your audience in words they get, on their terms. I can persuade, inspire, entertain or educate. Whatever you need written, I can write it with words that get the results you want.

I'm a good idea person.

I'm a creative problem solver who can help you think through your challenges, and research and develop solutions.

On this website you'll find samples of projects I've written, edited or managed since the start of my career. I started out writing PR for non-profits and local political candidates. Then I was an Internet Copywriter specializing in brand copywriting for Norwegian Cruise Line. After five years and two promotions I moved on to become a Writer at IBM. I currently freelance for a variety of clients.

Spread your big idea.

Please look around. And if you'd like to hire me or just chat about your requirements, email me at: HollyPatricia@gmail.com. I'll reply to you quickly.