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"Holly and I collaborated on many projects at IBM over a period of about five years. She has excellent writing and editing skills, is detail oriented and offers valuable insight into ways to better server clients. She is quick to come up with workable solutions and careful to meet project deadlines and stay within budget. The teams she worked with benefited from her skills and expertise." - Hillary Hebert, IBM, Writer/Editor/Content Development

Rational Team Concert Sandbox
First Time Around
LEGO Project
"Holly's idea was to go outside of the box and back to the basics - the basics of LEGOs - one block at a time."
LotusLive Baseball Event
Read the LotusLive Event Flyer
"Writer Holly Anagnos provided entertaining copy, using figurative language with clever baseball references."
Investor Event Presentation
The CEO Show
CEO Show Directory Excerpt
"Holly used a variety of talents and skill sets to deliver a project that satisfied all of the client's requirements."
East Lake Golf Club Event
"Raynell organized a team known for exceptional creativity, with Holly Anagnos as the writer/editor."
Emergency, Last-Minute Copywriting!
"Right before the brochure went to print, the creative team came up with a revised title quidkly - copywriting over the phone!"